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Our Members

Arise Education

Arise Education is a social enterprise that strives to promote education and social wellbeing by the provision of accessible and affordable educational resources. We run a physical and online bookstore (Arise bookshop) that caters for sells in all categories of educational and reading resources especially; for children, youth, general readers, and academic books focusing on Cambridge and national secondary and primary resources.


Bakame Editions

Bakame Editions is an independent, non-profit association operating in Rwanda since 1995 in the field of publishing and reading culture promotion. It is the first publishing house for children and young people created in Rwanda. Bakame Editions produces good literature for children and young people in the national language, Kinyarwanda.

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Cactus Publishers

Cactus Publishers (CP) ltd was founded in 2015.It is a private company with limited liabilities. Its main business is to publish children’s books especially reading books for age range 0 to 15 years.

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Espace Litteraire Soma Ltd

Espace Littéraire Soma Ltd, is a Rwandan independent company created and registered in July 2015. At Espace Littéraire Soma we publish quality books for children and youth. In addition to that, we provide services in reading, literacy and other after school activities in Kabeza Community Library.


Excel partners

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Furaha Publishers

Our mission for young readers is to avail books that nurture imagination and creativity. We strongly believe that creativity begins with imagination. We hope that by nurturing imagination and creativity in young children, we are nurturing future inventors, problem solvers and leaders.

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G&I Publishers

G&I Publishers is a part of G&I Business Group Ltd established to carry out activities of Publishing level appropriate books, and curricular academic books. We are looking forward to publishing books for generations.

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Highland Publishers

Highland Publishers was formed in 2014 with the sole aim of complementing the Ministry of Education efforts in increasing literacy levels of Rwandans, particularly children. Currently, there is a challenge of low literacy and completion rates among school children. Highland Publishers is committed to publish sufficient reader-engaging and level- appropriate reading materials because reading is the cornerstone of academic success, and “finding ways to engage pupils in reading may be one of the most effective ways to leverage social change.’’

  +250 788 757 591

Iga Publishers

IGA Publishers was established on 17th/03/2016 in Kigali, Rwanda with an objective of contributing to the accessibility of reading books for children especially those that are locally produced and in the local language (Kinyarwanda). Since its establishment IGA Publishers has been able to publish several books and most of those have been approved for use in schools by Rwanda Education Board (REB).]

  +250 788 270 755

Isoko Vision Ltd

Isoko Vision Ltd is a Rwandan publishing house which was created in 2017 and located at Gisozi, Gasabo District, Kigali City.


Kibondo Editions

KIBONDO EDITIONS LTD is a publishing house that provide the following services: Children’s book publishing, Development of Behavior Change Communication materials (BCC), Conception, Illustration and design of educational materials, Development and design of apps for easier mobile usage, Development of inclusive materials.


Mudacumura Publishing House

Mudacumura Publishing House is an Edutainment Tech publishing company leveraging technology to adapt our published books into animations, game apps and audiobooks

  +250 783 185 866

Perdua Publishers

Perdua Publishers Ltd is a local publishing company registered in RDB with TIN 104620173. It aims at producing age-appropriate children story books in Kinyarwanda. As an upcoming publishing house enthusiastic about producing books, Perdua Publishers Ltd works with Rwandan writers and illustrators to achieve its main goals. The long- term objective is to publish books in different languages.

  +250 783 850 552

Rise and shine Publishers

Rise and Shine Elites Ltd is a domestic publishing and consulting company registered in 2016 within Rwanda Development Board, Office of the Registrar General (Company Code: 105796588) as a private company limited by shares.

  Rise and shine Publishers


SBD Books Ltd has esatablished a track record of publishing books sine 2013

  +250 784 836 295

Trends Education Publishers

Trends Education Publishers limited is a local publishing house registered with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) it started on 13th September 2017. At Trends Education Publishers limited, we believe in delivering quality content at reasonable prices with competitive royalties and aggressive marketing.

  +250 788 312 723

We for Kids Publishers

WE FOR KIDS PUBLISHERS LTD is a multi-disciplinary publishing house in Rwanda that started its operations in 2017. We have been helping parents and children to communicate effectively. We Excel in Customized Publishing, Printing, integrated reading & advertising and reading. We work with a broad range of parents and children from corporate organization to schools through Rwanda Education Board.

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